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Tuesday, February 18

Block ads throughtout your android phone

Advertisements are a necessary evil. Many websites and applications are providing you with free service, free content and free software because someone else is paying them to keep them up. Thus, the service provider has to serve ads to you in return for the income that is keeping them in business, and in development. As the user, you reap the benefit of using the product for free.

However, sometimes these ads can get pretty annoying as they come in most of the apps. Some are positioned in such a way that they block even the user experience of the phone.
Luckily we have a free and open source alternative to get rid of those annoying ads.

Adblock Plus (ABP)

Adblock Plus is one of the method to block all ads in your device, including the ads shown in various apps and games.

Using Adblock Plus

This method works for both rooted and non-rooted devices. Installing an ad-blocker app requires your device to allow applications from unknown sources.
Sideloading is required as Google has removed ad-block apps from Google Play Store. You need to sideload any ad-blocker, i.e. install ad-blockers using its APK file and not from Google Play Store.
Follow the given steps to set this configuration:
  1. Go to Settings > Applications (or Security on 4.0 and above) on your Android device.
  2. Navigate to the Unknown sources option.
  3. If unchecked, tap the checkbox, and then tap OK on the confirmation popup.
Your Android device is ready to install ad-blockers.

Installing And Configuring Adblock Plus

1. Open a browser in your device and download Adblock Plus for Android. Your device will receive the APK file: adblockplusandroid-version.apk.
2. Navigate to where your downloaded files are kept, then tap on the file and install. (If you open the APK file using a file manager, select Open App Manager and then click on Install.)
3.1 On rooted devices: after installing, open Adblock Plus. It will request for super user permissions. Allow super user permissions to Adblock Plus and you are good to go.
3.2 On non-rooted devices: you need a few more steps, to manually set up proxy in your Android. You will need to follow the instructions here as instructions are different for Android versions up to 3.1 and 4.0+.s
Now Adblock Plus will start blocking ads. You can set more options in Adblock Plus like ads filter lists, non-intrusive ads, etc in Settings.

Try it out on your android phone.

Thursday, November 28

Enable GOD Mode in Windows 7

Did you ever fantasize about a location, that could give you access to all the important settings of your Windows PC at a single place? It is a real pain to go through the entire Control Panel and search for all the settings, and when you want to do something else, you have to restart the Control Panel again and start hunting all over the item again.

This is were some tricks come to your rescue. As the title suggests - GOD mode is a feature in Windows that allows a single hub for all the crucial settings of your Windows PC.

Here is a screenshot of the GOD mode. (Click on the image for actual version)

As you can see, it gives you access to all the important settings.
You can also enable it by following the below steps.

Step 1: Go to your Desktop and Right click.

Step 2: Click create folder.

Step 3: Name your new folder this, "GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" and press enter. (without the " obviously)

Step 4: Watch as the folder changes form to look like the control panel.

Step 5: Open the folder and bask in all your godly, control panel power.

Tuesday, November 12

How to skip obtaining driver from windows update.

Whenever you plug a new USB device on your Windows Vista/7/8 machine and you are connected to the Internet, the operating system automatically tries to get the latest version of the driver.

This feature is really useful when you need to install new devices now and then and you need to stay updated. But, this feature can also be a real pain if you need to plug the same type of devices again and again.

There is an option to 'Skip obtaining the driver from Windows Update' but clicking it again every-time is a real nuisance.
Luckily, there is an option to disable this feature and install the device drivers from your local disk every time.

  • Go to the Windows Start Menu.
  • Right-click on Computer.
  • Select Properties.
Windows 7 Computer Properties
Windows 7 Computer Properties

  • Click Advanced System Settings.
Windows 7 Advanced System Settings

  • Click on the Hardware tab.
  • Click the Device Installation Settings button.
Windows 7 Device Installation Settings

  • Click the No, let me choose what to do radio button.
  • Click the Install driver software from Windows Update if it is not found on my computer radio button. (the Save The Squirrels button).
  • Click Save Changes.

That is it. Now the driver will always be installed locally.
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