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Thursday, December 15

Facebook Timeline now available for everyone

Facebook's timeline a new way to present your profile has gone live today and is available to all the regular users around the world. But you need to opt in to apply for the new features.

You can get the Facebook timeline from the official page. Click the 'get it now' button and you will be redirected to a page that will view your timeline profile. Once enabled you need to setup everything. The profile is available for 7 days after which it will go live to all the audience around the world. In these 7 days you can tinker with the design and choose which posts to display and which ones to hide.
If you are satisfied by the changes you can PUBLISH the profile right now and it will be public.

There are several new features with the Facebook timeline.
  • Earlier you could hide or delete your status updates. Now you can even highlight the updates you would like other people to notice.
  • You profile now contains a profile cover apart from the profile picture. This can be used to express your style/mood/professional front.
  • You will find a feature 'Activity Log' on your timeline profile. This log shows all your activities done by you ever since you were born on Facebook. So you might want to hide some of them.
  • There are several new rules like who can post to your timeline and who cant and so its worth reviewing your profile before hitting the publish button.
At last I would like to conclude that Facebook has kept your privacy settings intact but its never a bad option to go through the options once again.

Try the Facebook timeline now..personally I find it the best Facebook product till date.

Here's a preview of my profile after applying the update. :)


  1. cool..nice job..."personally I find it the best Facebook product till date"....m not goin 2 rush 2 give a verdict on that..but is certainly eye catchin'

  2. can d timeline feature b used in a page or group ??

  3. No jimmy, the timeline cant be used in a page or group yet. I tried using the page and it said "switch back to user profile to use this social plugin"..

    may be after someday it will be made available.

  4. @suyash- its my personal is subjective.. :)

  5. how can i remove timeline from my profile???

  6. sorry to say anchal but you cant remove timeline from your profile once you have activated it..
    It is here to stay..


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