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Monday, May 7

What is Zurker?

With the enforcement of Facebook Timeline against the outcry of so many people saying, “I do NOT want this!” — what better moment than now to launch a direct competitor? How about a social network that gives you 100% control over your privacy and doesn’t sell your personal information to the highest bidder? How about a site that doesn’t leave all the decisions and changes up to one room of technicians and, instead, puts you in the ‘brain storming’ room with them? Zurker, the newest social network, promises to do just that. (this is what the site says.. ).

 At Zurker you don’t just own your data, you own the network. 

One of the most important features of is shareholding. For every person that you refer and signs up for a profile on Zurker – you get a vShare. There is no limit to how many people you can refer or for how long. Once the company has 1M total vShares in circulation the shares will take on a cash value. You can turn a profit every quarter just from having your friends hang out with you on, what seems to be, the answer to your Facebook frustrations.

The Bad News: Zurker is in beta and BY INVITE ONLY. No matter how much you hound them and knock on the door – you can’t get in without an invitation from a friend.

The Good News: I’m inviting ALL of my readers! Just click HERE and you’re in!
Why You’ll Love Zurker:
  • Get a piece of the corporate pie with free vShares every time you refer a friend to sign up.
  • Have your opinions take top priority when it comes to site changes and updates.
  • No farms, cafes or other game invites flooding your wall and news stream.
  • Complete control over your privacy – every photo, update and friend add.
  • Don’t ‘like’ it – zurk it. Do you wish there was some other way to acknowledge what a friend shares with you without ‘liking’ it? Zurking gives you the chance to thank someone for sharing without the awkward decisions such as ‘should I really be “liking” a link about Susie’s dog eating her favorite t-shirt?
  • Register as many emails and passwords as you want to ONE account.
  • Create as many ‘entities’ as you want (company, organization and fan pages)
  • Annoyed that your brother keeps changing his name to things like “LongestNicknameEverDudeski”? Can’t find a friend because they go by some random online nickname? On Zurker you can assign aliases to your friends so your chosen nickname for them shows when you’re logged in.
  • STREET and HOME — Zurker keeps what your friends are doing with other people completely separate from what your friends are doing with you. Are you tired of seeing “Your Friend just commented on a photo from some guy you’ve never met” all over your newsfeed? Not a problem at Zurker.
  • What to see just recent links posted by your friends? There’s a filter for that. Just photos? There’s a filter for that too. Zurker gives YOU control over what you see.
  • All the great features you already love like private messages, photo albums and a comment wall.

Ready to become a founding member of the next big thing in networking? SIGN UP HERE


  1. This is region based India based users can join this site by link below -
    Zurker-India invitation -

  2. If u want to join try this link


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