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Wednesday, June 6

the world makes a transition to IPv6

Brace yourselves: it is now sealed the fate of IPv4 addresses (such as ""): Towards 2025, the IPv4 disappear altogether. In a few days, June 6, finally start the IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6). 

The problem of IP address shortages as part of the existing IPv4 standard is about to get solved. There has been a limitation on how many IPs can be supported by the standard and going by the increasing number of devices, we’ll run out of IP addresses this year. IPv6 is here to provide a solution to this shortage. It requires the entire internet, which is a lot of connections, everything from devices to service providers to switch to the new standard. Starting from 6th June, 2012 , which is today - there’s even an official launch site - all of the major companies such as Time Warner, AT&T, D-Link, Google, Cisco, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo! will be participating in the transition. 

The IPv6 launch site has a bunch of reactions from leading IT companies. "Last year’s industry-wide test of IPv6 successfully showed that the global adoption of IPv6 is the best way to keep web devices communicating in the future. Permanently enabling IPv6 is vital to keeping the Internet open and ensuring people stay connected online as the number of web users and devices continues to grow.

The world is a bit different from today...


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