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Friday, July 20

Give curved edges to your pictures

You have got some awesome snaps and may be you want to upload them online, or create a photo album but hate the rectangle you want rounded edges that give your photographs a smooth look..?? like this

Manually cropping each photo will drive you insane and will bore you tremendously. Luckily, we have a online tool at .
This tool allows you to easily round the image corners and even add special effects to it that can give your photos a decent look.

Step 1.> Open

Just browse and select a photo from your computer that you want to give rounded corners.

Step 2.> Once the upload is complete, you will be directed to a new page that will give you several options to edit the image. You can give rounded corners, add a drop shadow, apply light effects, sharpen, denoise etc etc..

For an effect like the top picture set the options as pointed by red arrows.

Step 3.> Once you are done with the options you are provided with an option to crop the image as per your desire..I made some size of my own, and then you can click the preview button which will show you the output image.
You can directly share this image to social networking sites like facebook and twitter.

Step 4.> Once you are over with it, click on done and you will be provided with an option to save the image to your computer.

So, go ahead and refine those special moments of yours...happy curving, cropping and sharing... : - )

BONUS for fans: You can download this Avril Lavigne full resolution wallpaper here.

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  1. Stunning post shared . Hope that everyone will like your post .


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