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Monday, August 27

Google changes its 'i am feeling lucky" button

The homepage of google has had a "I am feeling lucky" button for almost a decade...what it does is take you directly to the 1st search result of whatever you do.

Google changed this on 24th Aug 2012, and it now lets you feel other things as well.. ;-)
Now the company has made a clever little change to this feature designed to show off some of Google's most interesting projects.

To experience this just navigate to the homepage of Google

Now hover your mouse over the "I am feeling button" and wait for the magic. The button turns into a slot machine and finally stops upon something that says "I am feeling wonderful' , "I am feeling puzzled"..etc etc..
Just click on these to explore something new each time.

I found all these permutations, you must try them as well..

Keep trying...who knows Google adds new combinations from time to time..


  1. Great post. I have been reading about Google changes for about two hours now, that is how I came across your post. I am glad I did because I never know what that feeling lucky meant. Thanks for sharing Nikhil!

    1. thanks for the feedback Lauren...i hope to keep readers like you interested.. :)


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