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Tuesday, October 23

3 passwords in facebook

What does the post title suggest to you? Can you set 3 different passwords for facebook or are you allowed to change your password 3 times within a week or something like that...??

By the post title I mean that your Facebook profile has 3 passwords by default and you can use any of them to login...and facebook will get you through... ; - )

Now, you might be wondering how can a single account have 3 passwords...??

To understand this let us suppose that the original password of your facebook account is:- 'geeksRuLe'
I am considering the capital and small cases as well.

Now have a look at this image

Yes, these are your 3 passwords

Password 1:- your original password

Password 2:- your password with the small cases with only the first letter in capitals.

Password 3:- your password with all the cases toggled (i.e:- capitals are now small and the smalls are now capitals)

You can try this trick on your own account and facebook will let you in with these 3 variations.. :-D

The logic behind this is that some smartphones have auto capitalization of the 1st letter, which gives password 2.
Suppose you have the caps lock key ON and you type your password holding the shift key, this will result in entry of the password in toggled cases than your original password...and hence Password 3.

Smart Facebook!!...isn't it..??


  1. wouldn't these increase the possibility bugs in facebook.Yet it is quite secure when it comes to hacking..

  2. can you please elaborate..?? how will this increase the possibility of bugs?? I consider the above methodology a very smart move..saves you some headache anyways...


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