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Thursday, June 6

Remove background from any image

For design buffs like me...have you ever wanted to remove the background from any can be any off your photograph or may be you want to apply some custom background...a nice scenery or some special monument just for experimenting or due to some purpose.

Removing background from an image can be a tedious job and we need to select every portion of the image.

Luckily, we have this online tool that lets us perform this operation easily....just drag and drop...yep...its that simple... :D

Step 1.>
Open this website in a new tab/window and come back to read the further instructions.
Clipping Magic.

Step 2.>
Just drag and drop any image..a high contrast image works best...but you can try others as well.
We will use this image

Step 3.>
Open the image in the website and you will be given some instructions how to go about...and then you will be taken to the work area. There are just 2 simple rules
-> Mark the areas you want to keep in green
-> Mark the areas you want to remove in red.
Here is a screenshot of my work halfway through. Note the green and red marks.

Step 4.>
Complete marking the areas until you get your desired image. I have added a screenshot that shows the complete work...hardly took a minute.
Note that the right side of the image gives a preview and this will be our downloaded image.

Step 5.>
Download the image and you are ready to play around with it. Here is a sample of what I did with it.
Feel free to click the image to get a bigger preview.

For any other design queries...please leave a comment. :)


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