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Monday, November 28

Return Visit-Aware

Return visit aware: the future of networking knows what you have consumed.
Personally I don't know how many people have noticed this return visit functionality of Facebook.

We all remember Facebook had two tab earlier. 'Most Recent' & 'Top News' stream.
Users who used to login once in a day preferred the top news stream whereas returning users viewed the most recent stream to get the latest updates from their friends and colleagues.

The new layout of Facebook has come out with a great solution regarding this problem.
If you haven't noticed it yet, try it now..

Importance: Facebook had been struggling earlier since most of the users didn't see the two tabs at top and found Facebook to be stale, causing them to leave the site or simply navigated away.
So returning users find new content on the site, which undoubtedly increases traffic on Facebook.
This is what I get on returning to Facebook..

Smart move Facebook as it solved all these problems by aligning its interface with natural human habits.  (deserved the blue Facebook color)

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