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Tuesday, July 30

Add shortcuts to My Computer in Windows 7 and Windows 8

The ‘My Computer’ icon gives us easy access to our hard drives , pen drives and other network-related locations. But if you’re one who enjoys a clutter-free desktop, then maybe you can use this tweak to remove the many program and folder shortcuts on your desktop.

1.> Adding program shortcuts to My Computer

First you’ll have to navigate to a special folder. Shortcuts placed in this folder will be displayed on ‘My Computer’.
Hit Windows Key + R and type in %appdata% into the box and click on OK.


Then navigate to Microsoft > Windows > Network Shortcuts. Program shortcuts that you place here will be shown on ‘My Computer’, it’s that simple.

Network Shortcuts 

Once you have placed program shortcuts into that folder, you’ll be able to see the shortcut icons on ‘My Computer’.

My Computer Shortcuts

2.>  Adding Folder Shortcuts

Because you can add any shortcut, you can also add folder shortcuts. To easily do that, just right click on your frequently used folder and click on Create Shortcut.

Create Shortcut

Now all you have to do is cut (Ctrl + X) the created shortcut and paste (Ctrl + V) into the Network Shortcuts folder, like how we transferred the program shortcuts earlier.

Folder Shortcut

Thus, it serves a neat way to get your things organized. Do try it out and please leave your comments if you find any problem.

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