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Sunday, September 18

Get rid of unnecessary files with ccleaner

Ever wondered why your PC is slowing down? Or maybe you know about so many temporary files and don't have a clue how to go on on deleting them. Even when your PC crashes after a blue screen, Windows creates a huge dump file (500MB or so) and it remains in the hard disk for debugging.
A lot of cookies may be stored in your browsers. Some folders of uninstalled applications, missing shortcuts.
You know want to delete all of them, but laziness takes over you and you just chuck it...

Luckily, there's a software 'CCleaner' which takes care of all your job. Really easy to user interface and you can even select which information to keep and which to delete. The software performs a quick scan to search you PC for all unwanted files and displays a list before deleting them. Its really that simple.

You can download the stable version of software from here.
Get the latest version here.

1 comment:

  1. There is tool Digeus Registry Fixer I always use it when windows doesn't boot up, works slow, freezes or hangs. I also recommend Windows Tune Up Suite. It eliminates system crashes, freezes and slowdowns.


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