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Sunday, September 18

Subscribe button on Facebook

Did you notice the subscribe button facebook recently? Seems similar to 'follow' from twitter and 'add to circles' from google+. Facebook is trying to keep up with the changing trend and allows you to follow strangers and view their public updates.

Facebook is trying to give Twitter a run for its money with a new feature that will allow users to “subscribe” to others’ public updates—essentially the Facebook version of a Twitter “follow.”
On its official blog, Facebook explained that the new feature will give users greater control over their news feeds, allowing them to see updates from specific friends, pick what kinds of updates they see (for instance, just photos from one friend or only important updates from another), and choose the frequency of updates.
But the big change is that users will now be able to subscribe to the public feeds of people they’re not “friends” with as well as send their own public messages, just like on Twitter. This means that you’ll be able to see stories from journalists, artists, or any other stranger without needing to send a friend request.
The feature will be rolling out over the next few days, and according to Facebook, soon you’ll begin seeing “subscribe” buttons on friends’ and strangers’ profiles.

So next you know, you are subscribing to your crushes may be.. ;)

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